Chest of drawers – a buyer’s guide

A chest of drawers is a true definition of when style meets functionality. It provides a surface to place decor on and a place to keep your clothing and accessories. Knowing which chest of drawers would work best in your bedroom can be challenging because there are any various types and sizes. This article will provide you with easy instructions on what to look for when purchasing a chest of drawers and will assist you in determining which type is best for you.

The Size of your Chest

Before deciding on a style for your chest of drawers, consider where you intend to keep it and what you intend to put in it. The best thing you can do is write a list of everything you intend to put in it so you know how much space you’ll require. For example, if you’re going to store heavy Christmas sweaters, you’ll need deep and broad drawers (,but if you want to keep tiny socks, you’ll only need smaller, lighter drawers.

The Type of your Chest

There are numerous different styles of chests of drawers, including the ones listed below:


Vertical chests, also known as standard chests of drawers, are tall and thin storage furniture. If your bedroom is cramped, a vertical chest is a great way to store your clothing since it will take up less space than a dresser. You may also combine a dresser and a chest for more storage while taking up less room – this is a popular choice among couples.

Lingerie chest of drawers

A lingerie chest is a slimmer and taller variant of a normal chest that is usually used to store small clothing items like lingerie. A lingerie cabinet might help you arrange your socks and underwear in different drawers if you frequently find you can’t fit everything in a messy dresser drawer. You can store your jewellery, skincare products, cosmetics, and seasonal items such as swimming suits in a lingerie chest.

Chest of a Bachelor

A bachelor’s chest is a tiny, narrow chest with three to four drawers designed for individuals with modest clothes storage requirements. Because it is small and has little storage capacity, this piece of furniture is classified as a chest rather than a dresser.

Some bachelor’s chests are tiny enough to double as nightstands.

Media Chest

A media chest is storage furniture with an open-top shelf for a cable box, similar to a dresser.

As an entertainment centre, media chests function well in both bedrooms and living areas. A media chest is like a dresser because it is broad yet tall, allowing you to place your television at a suitable viewing height. Clothing may be stored in the drawers and cabinets, or you can use them to store DVDs, remote controls, spare wires, and other items.