Chest of drawers – a buyer’s guide

A chest of drawers is a true definition of when style meets functionality. It provides a surface to place decor on and a place to keep your clothing and accessories. Knowing which chest of drawers would work best in your bedroom can be challenging because there are any various types and sizes. This article will provide you with easy instructions on what to look for when purchasing a chest of drawers and will assist you in determining which type is best for you.

The Size of your Chest

Before deciding on a style for your chest of drawers, consider where you intend to keep it and what you intend to put in it. The best thing you can do is write a list of everything you intend to put in it so you know how much space you’ll require. For example, if you’re going to store heavy Christmas sweaters, you’ll need deep and broad drawers (,but if you want to keep tiny socks, you’ll only need smaller, lighter drawers.

The Type of your Chest

There are numerous different styles of chests of drawers, including the ones listed below:


Vertical chests, also known as standard chests of drawers, are tall and thin storage furniture. If your bedroom is cramped, a vertical chest is a great way to store your clothing since it will take up less space than a dresser. You may also combine a dresser and a chest for more storage while taking up less room – this is a popular choice among couples.

Lingerie chest of drawers

A lingerie chest is a slimmer and taller variant of a normal chest that is usually used to store small clothing items like lingerie. A lingerie cabinet might help you arrange your socks and underwear in different drawers if you frequently find you can’t fit everything in a messy dresser drawer. You can store your jewellery, skincare products, cosmetics, and seasonal items such as swimming suits in a lingerie chest.

Chest of a Bachelor

A bachelor’s chest is a tiny, narrow chest with three to four drawers designed for individuals with modest clothes storage requirements. Because it is small and has little storage capacity, this piece of furniture is classified as a chest rather than a dresser.

Some bachelor’s chests are tiny enough to double as nightstands.

Media Chest

A media chest is storage furniture with an open-top shelf for a cable box, similar to a dresser.

As an entertainment centre, media chests function well in both bedrooms and living areas. A media chest is like a dresser because it is broad yet tall, allowing you to place your television at a suitable viewing height. Clothing may be stored in the drawers and cabinets, or you can use them to store DVDs, remote controls, spare wires, and other items.


The Advantages Of Having Chest Of Drawers

What can be said about Chest of Drawers (also called a chest of drawers) that it is actually an ideal storage unit for most of your clothes? Well, not a lot actually. But it can keep clothes dust-free and neat-looking. It is also capable of keeping your clothes wrinkle-free and presentable.

A chest of drawers, sometimes called a wardrobe, is basically a type of closet that has many parallel drawers, usually arranged in one above another. Like a typical closet, chest of drawers also has an upper opening or “depth” wherein clothes can be stacked into. However, this depth may vary depending on the style and make of the chest of drawers that you have. There are basically four types of chest of drawers that are available in the market today. These are the traditional chest of drawers that are commonly found in homes, kitchen cabinets and bedroom furniture; the modern chest of drawers that are being used in garages, attics and even offices; the mirrored chest of drawers that are installed in bedrooms; and the wooden chest of drawers that are being used in some offices. These chests of drawers are commonly made from oak or pine.

If you have a wooden chest of drawers in your household or office, you will notice that there are times when the drawers do not look neat and tidy after being used. It could either be due to improper staining or a simple accumulation of dust. If you want to solve this problem, all you need to do is to check the drawers once in a while for dirt, debris and dust particles. If you find such things on the drawers of your chest of drawers or on your bedroom dresser or bureau, you can simply dampen the cloth with a wet rag and wipe off the dirt using a dry cloth.

Cedar chest of drawers and oak chest of drawers are also very durable. The wood used in making these chests of drawers come in different textures and colors. Some of the more common ones include the reddish cedar, white cedar, black cedar, white pine, red cedar and the brown spotted cedar. If you are looking for a more tropical wood, you may choose the manual wood, which comes from New Zealand.

If you are looking for a new wardrobe for your bedroom, you may want to consider purchasing a chest of drawers along with a dresser. This will enable you to make the best use of both your wardrobe and your chest of drawers. When selecting the drawers that you are going to go with, you should first consider the size of the drawers that you require. This will allow you to ensure that they will fit snuggly into the opening of your bedroom.

A chest of drawers or a dresser will complement almost any room decor. As you can see, there are many different reasons why people opt to purchase one of these storage units. Therefore, regardless of what type of room decor you have, you should be able to find a suitable chest of drawers to suit it.

How to Choose the Right Chest of Drawers For Your Bedroom?

A chest of drawers, sometimes called a closet or a dresser, is perhaps one of the most useful, and most often overlooked, pieces of furniture to have. Used for both clothes and antiques, this furniture can take on many shapes and sizes, depending on how it’s used. Short or tall, wide or narrow, chest of drawers has the versatility to match any room decor. The most important factor when choosing furniture for a chest of drawers is to choose the one that best suits the intended use.

There are two basic styles of dressers: side-by-side and a full-length drawer unit. While a side-by-side chest of drawers is usually smaller and lighter in weight than a full-length piece, both pieces are extremely useful in their own right. When these furniture pieces are installed in bedrooms, they provide more room to dress clothes and showcase clothing, while at the same time providing extra storage space for books, DVDs and collections of CDs.

When choosing which type of chest of drawers you need, remember that there are pros and cons to every style. Small dresser sets tend to be cheaper than other styles, while a full-length dresser will cost more. When purchasing a chest of drawers for either use, do not be afraid to spend more money on a higher quality set if it is an important piece. In fact, many full-length chests are now being offered at great discount prices. While the cons of these furniture items are fairly obvious, remember that quality materials and workmanship will add a great deal of value to your purchase. For this reason alone, the price of a high-quality dresser and the cons of a cheap unit will more than make up for it.

If you want more storage space, a chest of drawers with both a bottom and top panel of varying heights is a good option. These units enable you to organize smaller items such as socks, scarves and shoes, as well as larger items such as books and CDs. Many of these units allow you to customize the height of the top panel, which is a great convenience. Most companies selling combination dressers also offer a matching chest of drawers that match the style of the furniture.

Whether you are planning on storing clothes or CDs, remember that you are better off purchasing a piece that has a center drawer that is a few inches wide and deep. This is because most of these pieces have limited shelf space, which is why you are better off purchasing larger dressers with more storage space. While this will cost you more money upfront, if you need the additional space, the price will be worth the added expense.

Lastly, make sure that you purchase a dresser that has a finish that matches the rest of your furniture. The best finishes are those that are rich and silky, like cherry or mahogany. Dark wood with polished hardware is another option, as long as the finish is consistent throughout the entire piece. By choosing a dresser that matches the style and decor of your bedroom, you will be able to maximize the amount of space that your dresser provides for your belongings.